The Advanced Technologies Park at Ben-Gurion University offers companies an impressive array of incentives and tax advantages.

Israel’s innovation, entrepreneurship and highly skilled workforce have made it an attractive home for both local and foreign investment.

The government further encourages this investment by offering a wide range of incentives and benefits to investors in real estate, tourism and industry – with a special emphasis on high-tech companies and R&D activities.

Special investment benefits are available at the Advanced Technologies Park at Be'er-Sheva in the Negev, with large multi-national companies making significant investments eligible for programs that include accelerated depreciation and a complete tax exemption for 10 years.

In addition, grants assistance at the Advanced Technologies Park will provide technology and research companies a unique “double benefit” of significantly reduced costs — and rents — through tax relief and these generous grants.

Development of the Advanced Technologies Park will facilitate the use of all available programs by tenants and companies interested in build-to-suit projects.