Tenant Opportunities

Tenant Opportunities

Some of the world’s most successful technology companies — including Microsoft, Intel, HP and Google — are thriving in Israel.

The Advanced Technologies Park offers new opportunities.

Located adjacent to Ben-Gurion University, its Centers of Excellence and its closely affiliated institutions, such as the Soroka University Medical Center, National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev, the Advanced Technologies Park will take advantage of a vast pool of some of the most outstanding science and technology researchers in Israel.

Deutsche Telekom is poised to become the Advanced Technologies Park first tenant.

Deutsche Telekom’s Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University has been working with leading university scientists and engineers to develop new and innovative products to position Deutsche Telekom for growth in the 21st century. The collaboration with leading researchers has allowed the Laboratories to grow from one project with 30 graduate students and researchers to almost 10 projects and over 100 researchers.

Other leading global corporations are beginning to build upon the intellectual capital and research at BGU, to enhance their own pipeline of R&D and to solidify a competitive advantage in a global economy that is largely driven by change and developments in the hi-tech sectors. For example, Oracle Israel, a subsidiary of Oracle, is partnering with BGU in a research project to study the business value of information technology.

“Israel has amazing people. We are investing $4 billion (Berkshire Hathaway’s first acquisition outside of the U.S.) in an amazing group of people from Israel, and we are investing it at an astounding speed.”

— Warren Buffet, CEO & Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, May 2006